New Republic Fifth Fleet


The NR5F has its own IRC bot, or droid, if you will. Here's how to interact with it.

Give Someone a Random Medal

Command: !decorate nickname

For example, !decorate GA_Simon

Give Yourself a Random Medal

Command: !decorateme

Search the Web

Command: !google search terms

For example, !google Lando capes for sale

Display a Giphy

Command: !giphy search term

For example, !giphy bb-8 thumbs up

Insult Someone

Command: !pisson nickname

For example, !pisson Rosh

Insult Yourself

Command: !pissonme

Get a Random Joke

Command: !joke

Get a Topical Joke

Command: !joke topic

For example, !joke cat

Register Your Location for Weather

Command: !register location location

For example, !register location Christchurch, New Zealand

See also, !weather

Ask the Magic 8 Ball

Command: !8ball yes or no question

For example, !8ball Was Qui-Gon drunk the whole time?

Change the Bot's Nickname

Command: !nick nickname

For example, !nick Gipper

Reset the Bot's Nickname

Command: !Alphonsus

Pick a Random Option

Command: !pick comma separated list of options

For example, !pick Dark Forces II, Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy

Get a Random Quote

Command: !quote

Ask AI (ChatGPT) a Question

Command: !chatgpt question

For example, !chatgpt Did George Lucas laugh his way to the bank after selling Lucasfilm to Disney?

Generate AI (DALL-e) Image

Command: !dalle description

For example, !dalle a dark lord of the sith playing piano

Get a Quote By ID

Command: !quote ID

For example, !quote 28

Get a Quote By Search

Command: !quote search term

For example, !quote porkins

Roll Dice

Command: !roll number of dice d number of sides on each die

For example, roll two eight-sided dice: !roll 2d8

For example, roll one twenty-sided die: !roll 1d20

Get Sports Scores

Command: !jets

Command: !mlb

Command: !nfl

Command: !nhl

Command: !packers

Command: !rangers

Command: !yankees

Find Where Something is Streaming

Command: !streaming country media

For example, !streaming US Ahsoka

For example, !streaming FI Barbie

Convert Temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit

Command: !ctof Celsius temperature

For example, !ctof 18

Convert Temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius

Command: !ftoc Fahrenheit temperature

For example, !ftoc 78

Get Movie Details

Command: !imdb movie title

For example, !imdb the empire strikes back

Current Weather by Location

Command: !weather location

For example, !weather Roswell, New Mexico

Current Weather by Registered Location

Command: !weather

See also, !register location

Weather Forecast by Location

Command: !forecast location

For example, !forecast Fargo, North Dakota

Weather Forecast by Registered Location

Command: !forecast

See also, !register location

Get a Star Wars Quote

Command: !anh