New Republic Fifth Fleet

Fleet Structure

The Fifth Fleet is comprised of its high command offices and three battlegroups. Each battlegroup has several capital ships, and each capital ship has several squadrons of fighters.

High Command

Fleet Commander

Fleet Executive Officer

Fleet Senior Officer

Battlegroup One

ASD Prometheus

Alpha Squadron

Beta Squadron

Gamma Squadron

Epsilon Squadron

Phi Squadron

Zeta Squadron

Eta Squadron

Theta Squadron

Iota Squadron

ISD Hamburg XII

Alpha Squadron

Gamma Squadron

Delta Squadron

Epsilon Squadron

ISD Immortal

Battlegroup Zentar

BB Zentar

Viper Squadron

CRS Warspite

Eagle Squadron

Knight Squadron

Falcon Squadron

Cruise Squadron

Battlegroup Hunter

SSD Angel of Death

Blood Stained Daggers Squadron

CRS Payback

Black Omega Squadron

Darkstar Squadron

VNSD Predator

Crimson Squadron

Cobalt Squadron

Auric Squadron

Beryl Squadron