New Republic Fifth Fleet

ASD Prometheus

The ASD Prometheus is the flagship of Battlegroup One and the Fifth Fleet. This Amageddon-Class Stardestroyer was designed two years before Endor by Halmstedt Werke (Waffentechnologie) and Kuat Drive Yards. The scientists as well as the Imperial command staff hoped this model would help to regain control of rebel systems. But the Emperor needed resources to build his second Death Star, so KDY had to delay production for three years. The Prototype of the ASD ship class was the ASD Prometheus. It's first asignment was in the Eleventh Imperial Fleet, under the command of Admiral Michael Simon. The Eleventh Fleet, including the ASD Prometheus, spent several years far away from the galactic core. After returning to the core, the ship got seriously damaged in a battles with the Rebel Alliance, and was ultimately reasigned to the Fifth Imperial Fleet as its flagship. Being one of the oldest ships in the Fleet, the Prometheus has been upgraded and modified a several times, but the ship still looks like a remnant of the Galactic Civil War. Serving on the Prometheus often leaves the same impression, because everything pretty much looks the same as in the Imperial Remant: uniforms, ships, and design. The Imperial seal has been exchanged for the Republican seal on every uniform, helmet, vehicle and what else, but besides that it would be really difficult for someone to identify this as Republican ship.

Officers of the ASD Prometheus

Squadrons aboard the ASD Prometheus